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Imagine a world where your skincare products are healthy for you, healthy for the planet AND you get to choose what they’re made from. Welcome to The Botanical Store, where we harness the magic of plants to nourish our bodies with organic skincare products. The best part is you get to choose the essential oils for each product, so each product smells just the way you want and helps you with your particular skincare conditions. We believe in simplicity. We believe having healthy skin and bodies shouldn’t cost the earth. Ditch the chemicals and the complications and make your own skincare with us. Just the way you want it. We also contribute 1% of each sale to the Merri Creek  Environment Fund, to help our local and popular creek  get back to its original healthy condition. Visit us in person at 70 High St, Northcote or create your own skincare here with us online.

Online or in-store here’s how to create your custom skincare range.

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