Happy Pores

This piece originally appeared in the first issue of Sowing Seeds magazine, which is a seasonal print and online magazine empowering individuals to reconnect to the land and one another by living more sustainable lives. You can find out more and purchase the issue here. What if we could live in a world where we

A Guide To Intention Setting

We know that it’s now March, however, this is apparently the time where most New Years resolutions have fallen by the wayside and the novelty of the fresh start every January promises has lost its shine. It’s easy to want to throw in the towel but having a more reflective process that allows you to

The benefits of baths

Baths and bathing have been a large part of human health so much so that every culture on the planet has a bathing tradition! ⁠ Whether that’s Turkish hammams, Japanese onsens, Roman baths, or Swedish saunas, the list is endless for people harnessing the power of being submerged in water – whether hot or cold!