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Organic Lip BalmLip Balm for days

Lip Balm


Soothe cracked or dry lips with our delightfully nourishing lip balm. Handmade in-store with moisturising organic macadamia and shea oil and lightly scented with uplifting sweet orange essential oil.

BALM FOR MUSCLESMuscle Balm for sore muscles

Muscle Balm


A 100% natural muscle balm that can help to soothe sore and aching muscles! Like a natural version of deep heat, it’s made from essential oils that have anti-inflammatory properties and may help to increase blood flow which in turn can relieve muscle pain.


Sleep Balm


A 100% natural, sleep balm designed to help induce a restful night sleep. Featuring a delicate combination of Lavender to calm the nervous system and Rosewood to promote feelings of inner harmony and balance.