Essential oils are the very essence of a plant. They affect us on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level – they are the ultimate healing tools!

Give your skin a boost of plant power with these 9 essential oil blends.

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Balance Essential Oil BlendJasmine

Balance Essential Oil Blend


Sweet and delicious, this sensual blend of Vanilla, Jasmine, Lemon and Fennel uplifts and inspires. Great for cultivating a sense of balance in your life, or for your skin.

Divine Essential Oil BlendChamomile and Rose

Divine Essential Oil Blend


Euphoric florals of Jasmine, Rose and Chamomile warm the heart and enable you to step into softness, as your divine self. Come home, recenter and relax.

Bliss Gem ElixirBliss Gem Elixir 3 bottles

Bliss Gem Elixir Roll On


If you need a little self care that you can keep in your pocket the Bliss Gem Elixir is the perfect pal! Carnelian crystal helps to ground and support the sacral chakra while rose, jasmine and chamomile essential oils help to soothe and invoke joy, all blended in jojoba oil so you can roll it straight onto your skin! It smells like a beautiful spring day with fresh florals and sweet base notes.



Energy Essential Oil BlendSweet Orange and Lime

Energy Essential Oil Blend

Bursting with the vibrant scents of Sweet Orange, Lime and Cypress, this blend will invigorate and uplift the senses. A touch of Cape Rose Geranium adds softness and emotional resilience.
Grounding Essential Oil BlendBlack Spruce

Grounding Essential Oil Blend

Take a deep breath and wander through the woods with this sweet, earthy blend. Brimming with the herbaceous scent of Black Spruce needles, and mellowed with the warmth and sweetness of Cedarwood, Pomelo and Vanilla, this grounding blend will restore you to a state of nature.
Harmony Essential Oil BlendGeranium

Harmony Essential Oil Blend

Holistic harmony is possible with this balancing blend of centering oils. Juniperberry, Geranium and Lemon brighten the spirit and decongest blocked pores, while Lavender and Chamomile gently soothe and soften. Frankincense bestows a touch of the divine and offers nourishment and healing for dry, damaged and mature skin.
Nourish Essential Oil BlendNourishing rosewood, rose and neroli

Nourish Essential Oil Blend


Come home to yourself with this sweet, grounding and earthy blend of Rosewood, Neroli, Rose Damask and Patchouli. Herbaceous Patchouli, rich Rose and ambrosial Neroli are especially hydrating for dry and under-nourished skin.

Rose Essential Oil Blend - 15mlRose Essential Oil Blend

Rose Essential Oil Blend


Step into the rose garden.

The softness of our Rose blend captures the essence of the sweetest flower: Rose Damask. Seamlessly blended with Rosewood, Sweet Orange, Jasmine and Vanilla for the heart-opening, rose garden sublime.

Sensitive Essential Oil BlendLavender

Sensitive Essential Oil Blend


Grounding and uplifting, this calming blend of Lavender and Chamomile beckons you away to a tranquil place. Soothing and anti-inflammatory for sensitive, red and irritated skin.

Rosewood Essential OilRosewood Tree - Essential Oil

Rosewood Essential Oil


A full-bodied, warm and woody scent, with floral and fruity undertones. Traditionally used for its uplifting and balancing properties, rosewood can help relieve symptoms of stress and headaches and is often regarded as a balancer of emotions.

Spring Essential Oil BlendJasmine

Spring Essential Oil Blend


Soothing Chamomile, Sweet Orange and Jasmine combine with sacred Frankincense to create a beguiling scent of warm, sweet-smelling days.